LinkedIn Profiles?

This morning I did a quick survey on profile pictures on LinkedIn. Using the letter “a” the return was 93,412,485 profiles.

The first 50 from the results page are as follows:-

10 were as good as you can get
1 pair of legs
1 too close to the camera or bad cropping
3 selfie photos using a mirror in places that shouldn’t be
2 saturated backgrounds (1 yellow and 1 blue)
1 looking down
3 looking fed up
2 people are so far away you can’t see them
3 with half a face
6 with busy backgrounds
3 with the profile cut from a group picture
2 sitting watching TV
2 movie photos
3 buildings
1 on a beach jumping in puddles
2 sides of faces
1 dog
1 cat

3 with no pictures = no effort

A profile picture can be the first thing people see of you. It could be your next connection, next employer or next client seeing it…..

Have a look at your profile photo and see if it does you, your company and profile justice.

Comment any other finds below. It would be interesting to see other profile styles.

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