Funny Coloured Photos

Have you ever wondered how some of your photos are funny colours?

It could be a few things.

1, The white balance on your camera is off or on the wrong setting. The colour temperature in your photos may be too hot (red) or cold (blue)

How to fix

Use auto white balance or use the scale below to fix it.

2, There may be 2 different light temperatures in your photo daylight and incandescent lighting.

How to fix

Switching the incandescent off or flooding the subject with flash/speedlight will correct it.

3, Your computer screen needs to be calibrated to true colours. This is more evident when you are printing.

How to fix

Buy a screen calibrator and recheck it regularly.


The colour temperature chart below shows what different lighting produces in kelvin.

Colour Temeperature

Photos normally have an output of 4500-6000 K after processing.

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